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  • "I love my Wow Towel I use a large ShamWow when I get out of the shower. It is so absorbent! I also keep a Mini wow towel in my car's glove box to dust off the dashboard and clean up spills. They are so handy!"

  • "wow towelhas a million uses around the house. I am using less paper towels than ever before, so I feel like WowTowel helps me do my part to protect the environment. I love them so much I bought a set to give to my parents!"-  Patti S. in California

  • I received a wowtowel set as a gift at Christmas. I never used them, but yesterday our toilet overflowed. We opened the box of wowtowel, and they were a real life saver! The wowtowel worked better than both mops we had in the house, and they washed up really well. I'm ordering another set today!"
    – Angie S. from New Mexico


How long will they last?

Because it is so sturdy, we guarantee the Wow towels for ten years. We have had reports of folks having a similar product that lasted over twenty years. If anything occurs within ten years to the product, we'll exchange the product.

Will I ever have to buy paper towels again?

Use paper towels for some things, like as a napkin. For counter tops, dishes, windows, polishing, dusting, and everyday uses, we endorse using the mini WowTowel cloths!

Am I able to dry sweaters with the ShamWow towel?

Yes. Place a wet sweater on the big Wow towel, roll the wet sweater tight and place an elastic tie around it. In a few hours it'll dry your sweaters in 1/2 of the time a towel can.